DOB 10 SEPTEMBER 2015
​21x BCC 20x RBCC

2 Months

3 Months
                                                          4 Months

5 Months
​Marley winning RBCC & PUPPY IN SHOW @ Central Boxer Club Inc under Mrs Brenda Hare - Jimbren Boxers UK

Marley @ 10mths winning her 1st BCC & RBOB

Marley 14mths

​Marley winning Best Junior of Group under Mr Scott Sandford (Aust/NZ)

​Marley winning Best Junior of Group & in Show under Mr John Sheppard (NSW)

Marley @ 2 yrs



27 April 2019 - The Boxers Club Inc, Judge: Mrs Sandra Parle (UK)
Brood Bitch (4 entries)
1st: Downie's - Ch. Kadence The Heart Breaker.
B&w 3 year old bitch of quality and type. Lovely head and expression. Although she was a bit frilly this
didn't detract from her lovely outline. She has lots of substance, good forehand and strong rear quarters
which she uses on the move. BROOD BITCH IN SHOW
19 April 2019 - South Island Boxer Club 65th: Judge Mrs Linda Naslund (Finland)
NZ Bred Bitch (2)
B/W Top quality bitch and a true showgirl. Would prefer a little more rise of scull and less wrinkles, dark, well shaped eyes with nice expression, well padded muzzle. Well angulated, today a little loose in underline, would prefer her firmer. Moves with great drive and reach, parallel, excellent bone and feet. Well presented!

SHOW: Central Boxer Club 26th June 2016
JUDGE: Mrs Brenda Grove (UK) Jimbren Boxers

​1st Downie's  Kadence The Heartbreaker
​A very pretty puppy with the most appealing expression, promising head, good mouth with evident chin, long clean neck with good length of foreleg, correct shoulders and rear angles, plenty of bone and stands on tight catlike feet, her movement was sound and true, altough young, I was happy to award her the Reserve Bitch Challenge.  - BEST PUPPY IN SHOW

SHOW: The Boxer Club 26th June 2016

Judge: Mr Steve Hare (UK) Jimbren Boxers


1st   Downie’s   Kadence the Heartbreaker

Another very promising young female showing typical breed characteristics and behaviour, has a strong deep well developed body, good neck, topline and ribbing typical body outline and proportions. Moved with style.


05/02/16        Hamilton Kennel Ass      BPOB                      Ken Iggleden (Aust)
​26/03/16        Auck Kennel Council       RBCC                      Justinr Blyth (Tas)
​27/03/16        Auck Kennel Council       POB                       Margaret Joyce (Aust)
26/06/16        Central Boxer Club Inc   RBCC Puppy In Show    Mrs Brenda Hare - Jimbren Boxers UK
​10/07/16        ANSUDA                   BCC RBOB POB          
Mrs Joyce Sullivan (Vic)
28/08/16        Rotorua Kennel Ass        RBCC RBOB POB        Mr Chris Graham (NZ)
04/09/16        Huntly & District KA      RBCC POB               Mrs Maureen Gostelow (Vi
23/10/16          Tauranga KA #1               JOB                               Mr Peerapong Pisttwuttinan (Thailand)
​23/10/16          Tauranga KA #2               RBCC JOB                     Mrs Liz Smith (Aust)
​13/11/16           Wairarapa KA #3             JOB                               Mr Fred Salud (Phillipines)
​20/11/16           Franklin KA                      BCC BOB JOB JOG        Mr Scott Sandford (Aust/NZ)
21/01/17           Northland CA #1             RBCC JOB                     Agus Wardhana (Indonesia)
​21/01/17           Northland CA #2             RBCC JOB                     Kathy Smith (Vic)
​22/01/17           Northshore KA #1           JOB                               Doug Sidebottom (NSW)
​22/01/17           Northshore KA #2           BCC RBOB JOB            Kaye Finlayson (NZ)
​28/01/17           Hibiscus Coast KA #1     RBCC                             Carol Donaldson (Qsld)
​28/01/17           Hibiscus Coast KA #2     BCC RBOB JOB             Antoan Hlebarov (Bulgaria)
​04/02/17           Tokoroa CA #1                RBCC                             Diane Baillie (Vic)
​04/03/17           Hamilton KA                    BCC BOB JOB                Sue Hewinson (QSLD)
​05/03/17           Hamilton KA                    RBCC JOB                      Melissa Starkey (QSLD)
​25/03/17           Wairoa KA #2                 BCC BOB JOB JOG        Laance Heilmann (Sth Aust)
​02/04/17           Cambridge KA                 RBCC                             Mrs N Clarke (Ireland)
​14/04/17           ANSUDA                           RBCC JOB                     Margaret Courtney-Reid (Aust)
​15/04/17           Auckland KC #1              BCC RBOB JOB             J Watts (Aust)
​15/04/17           Auckland KC #2              JOB JOG                        M Watson (Aust)
​30/04/17           EBOP                                BCC                                S Peel (NZ)
​06/05/17           HBNSUDS                        BCC BOB JOB JOG JIS  Mr John Sheppard (NSW)
​07/05/17           Hawkes Bay KC              RBCC                              Mr Kerry Lee (Vic)

​17/06/17           Hauraki CA #1               BCC RBOB JOB               Mr Dale Wilkinson (NZ)
​09/07/17           Kumeu KA#1                 BCC RBOB JOB               Ms Glenda Goller (QSLD)
​09/07/17           Kumeu KA #2                BCC BOB JOB                  Mr Andrew Burt (VIC)
​12/08/17           Ladies KA #2                 RBCC JOB JOG               Mr Robert Dawson (Korea)
​02/09/17           Huntly & District KA     BCC BOB JOB BOG JOG JIS  Ms Linda Buckley (ACT)
​03/09/17           Huntly & District KA     RBCC RBOB JOB             Ms Lynn Harrison (Sth Aust) 
​04/10/17           Central Boxer Club       IISS                                 Mr Luis Pinto Teixeira (Portugal)
​05/10/17           2017 Prelude Show      RBCC RBOB                    Mrs Francesca Browning (Sth Africa)
​22/10/17           Tauranga KA #2            BCC BOB IOB                 Mr Damian Bourne (Sth AUST)
28/10/17           Taupo KA                       BCC RBOB IOB               Mrs Margaret Jones (Canada)
​11/11/17           Wairarapa KA #2          RBCC IOB                       Mr Robert Lucas (NSW)
​18/11/17           Franklin KC                    RBCC                               Mrs Lianne Rowles (NSW)
​19/11/17           Franklin KC                    BCC RBOB                      Mr Brad Santas (NSW)
​25/11/17          TNSUDS                          BCC                                  Mr James Camac (NSW)
​20/01/18           Manawatu KA #2         BCC BOB OOB                 Mr Kostadin Shankov (Bulgaria)
​21/01/18          Kapi Mana KC #2          RBCC OOB                       Mr Preetham Thukarem (India)  
​04/02/18          AEC                                 BCC RBOB OOB              Mr Gutenberg Queroz Soares (Brazil)
​24/02/18          North Shore KA #1       BCC RBOB                       Mrs S Marshall (Vic)
​24/02/18          North Shore KA #2       BCC                                  Mrs D Javanovic (QSLD)
19/04/19          Sth Island Boxer Club  NZBISS (Final 4 BCC)    Mrs Linda Naslund (Sweden)
20/04/19          Nth Caturbury KA         RBCC OOB                       Mr D Kill (QSLD)
27/04/19          The Boxer Club inc       Brood bitch in Show (Final 4 BCC) Sandra Parle (UK)       


Marley's Pedigree



ENG / IR CH Winuwuk Lust At First Sight

ENG CH Winuwuk Lust In The Dust

ENG Blueprint Beern Skittles at Walkon

ENG CH Roamaro Scotch Mist of Winuwuk

ENG CH Winuwuk Storybook

ENG CH Winuwuk Hot ‘N’ Bothered

Winuwuk Love Story

Winuwuk All About Eve

ENG CH Designer Game At Glenauld

Glenauld Game Of Skittles

Glenauld Generosa At Carmondene

Faerdorn Chick Flick At Winuwuk

ENG CH Winuwuk Lust In The Dust

Faerdorn After The Show



AUST CH Galicar Contradiction (Imp UK)

ENG CH Belvern Preminition

ENG CH Surfstone Hot Property

Boxberry Star Struck at Belvern (Imp Aust)

Daltamie Riz ‘N’ Shyne over Galicar

ENG CH Bucksteps Charlie Brown

Roseanne at Daltamie

NZ CH Natura How You Doin at Kadence

Eishied Collaboration

NZ/AUST GR CH Valeska Lock Up Ya Daughters

NZ CH Eischied Justice Seeker

Vivyd Summertime (Imp UK)

ENG CH Vivyd Stars’N’ Stripes

Vivyd Sun’N’ Shadow



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